Studying Consumer Behavior

Telecom users throughout the country were studied across various profiles to gauge the barriers and triggers to bring in the smartphone wave.

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Conducting Socio-economic Surveys

Socio-economic and biometric data for 50,000 slum households in Rajkot was collected, the idea being to enable them to avail of basic amenities as the rest.

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Mapping Assets and Activities

Asset mapping of all RTA assets and their functions in Emirates of Dubai was done, wherein the total mapping area was approximately 5000 sq km.

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Customizing Technology for SMEs

ERPs specific to SMEs, comprehensive management systems for your businesses, as well as mobile-based remote systems – name it, and we create it.

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Handling Digital Branding

The internet is taking over the world and nobody can keep away anymore: the idea is to create a digital and social identity for our clients and their businesses.

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Improving Customer Experience

Dexter appointed to evaluate and improve the client experience during the sales process and hospitality experience of the client as well as its major competitors.

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SME Consulting

We come loaded with strong capabilities in primary research, process consulting and technology products and solutions – making us a comprehensive solution for SMEs.

Market Research

Our flagship service offering, with a background of 250+ projects across national and international geographies, and come with an across-industry sector expertise.

Social & Development Sector

Having worked for some big names, we have successfully completed 80+ projects in Development sector, along with quite a number in Social sector as well.

GIS Solutions

Large scale field operations are our speciality. So is technology. We combine the two to gain an added edge while working for GIS domain mapping assignments.

ERP & Software Development

Offering the whole range from customized products, business solutions like ERPs, as well as mobile-based solutions, our team is experienced across multiple platforms.

Web Portal & App Development

Online presence starts from a website or portal, includes SEO and social media, and survives on digital PR. We do it all – both, as a package and standalone offerings.

Geographical Reach

Field Presence in

23 states

Extensively Covered

All Metros and Tier-1 cities

Worked in

600 Tier-2, 3 and 4 locations


4 lakh+ interviews

About Us

Dexter is a group of young professionals from varied backgrounds who have come together to create a team working in multiple areas across domains with an ever-increasing array of services.

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